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We strongly recommend that you review state requirements before registering for a class. If you need our assistance in figuring out if you can take one of our classes we can be reached at 1-208-672-1163 from 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday MST.

Our classes are mobile friendly and are truly 100% online. Our classes have been accepted throughout the nation. Once you register for your class you will have immediate access to the class and will be able to start right away.

Select your state below to find out which one of our classes you need to take:


If you already know how many hours you need to complete you can select the required class from the list below:

8 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $139.00   Click here to register now!
10 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $169.00
12 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $189.00
14 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $229.00
16 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $269.00
18 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $299.00
20 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $329.00
24 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $379.00
32 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $479.00
36 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $529.00
45 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $589.00
60 Hour Online DUI/DWI Class $779.00

Online California Non-Resident DUI Classes

12 Hour California Online DUI Class SB-1176 Wet Reckless Program $189.00
32 Hour California Online DUI Program AB-541 $479.00
45 Hour California Online DUI Program AB-762 $589.00
60 Hour California Online DUI Program AB-1353 $779.00

Please give us a call if you have any questions or need help choosing the correct class. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Mountain Standard Time 1-208-672-1163.

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